Who is Usla?

Dedicated to developing top-level culinary and hospitality professionals through world-class training programs, USLA (International Service & Taste Academy) is one of the leading international hotel management and culinary academies in Turkey. USLA also serves as the Istanbul campus of AHA- IHMS*, which offers certificate training programs in hotel management and food & beverage sectors with more than 30 years of experience.

Offering professional training programs along with entertaining workshops, restaurants and shopping areas, USLA is the new meeting place for gastronomy enthusiasts…

*American Hospitality Academy International Hotel Management Schools

Professional Training Programs

Get your dream job through world-class culinary training.

Long-Term Professional Cooking

The "Long-Term Professional Cooking Program" is the advanced level of the "Professional Cooking Foundation Certificate Program" and is ideal for those who wish to receive intensive training on international cuisines, bar and service sector. This training program is suitable for those who aim for a professional career in cooking and want to obtain the competencies of an Assistant Chef (Demi Chef).

Professional Cooking

Offering all the foundational knowledge and practical training in the processes of a professional kitchen, this extensive culinary course is suitable for students who want to pursue a career in cooking, for entrepreneurs who want to start their own business, and for all participants regardless of their education or professional background, as long as they love to cook and wish to learn the proper way of doing things in the kitchen. No previous culinary experience required.

Cooking & Business Management for Entrepreneurs

This training program provides intensive courses in various areas including introduction to culinary arts, cost calculation, food hygiene & safety, purchasing, menu planning, professional cooking and cutting techniques, domestic sector internship, food & beverage management, business development, service, revenue & menu management, business management, sales & marketing, CRM & social media, human resources management and entrepreneurship.


USLA's delicious food workshops bring the fun in the kitchen!

Our Instructors

Our expert instructors who have the pioneering spirit of USLA, have a command of the dynamics of the sector and are experts in their fields