Kanyon Campus

There is now a unique culinary school living at the heart of Kanyon. Having developed hundreds of culinary and hospitality professionals to this day, USLA (International Service & Taste Academy) is now at Kanyon. USLA offers world class training programs for young chef candidates, professionals who want to improve themselves and culinary enthusiasts to equip them with invaluable skills. USLA graduates also get an international AHA diploma, making them eligible for internship and work opportunities at 5-star hotels and Michelin star restaurants in Europe and the USA.

You can make a brand new start with Professional Cooking, Professional Baking & Pastry, Food & Beverage Business Management, Professional Bar & Mixology Training, Advanced Pizza Training, SCA Certified Barista Training and Professional Service & Hospitality Training, and you can improve your practical and technical skills through 4-week Culinary Introduction training programs.

Offering professional training programs along with entertaining culinary workshops, a restaurant and shopping areas, USLA is the new meeting place for gastronomy enthusiasts… By visiting USLA, you can have an enjoyable time around gastronomy professionals, and taste brand-new delicacies.

Gusto by

An establishment for USLA students to reinforce their training by working both in the kitchen and in service, Gusto by USLA restaurant offers a place for brand new experiences with specialties that change each season, where innately innovative chefs are constantly developing new recipes.

Chocolate by USLA

Chocolate by USLA is a heaven for chocolate lovers! A place where you can watch USLA chefs and students live while they are making chocolate, Chocolate by USLA also allows you to buy fresh chocolates made with the finest ingredients for yourself or your loved ones.

Usla Patisserie

One of the most popular locations at USLA is the Patisserie. You may visit USLA Patisserie any time of the day to reward yourself with fresh baked pastry and cakes. You can buy various breads fresh out of the oven after work, before heading home.

Skola Coffee

Skola created a special selection for you by roasting specially selected coffee beans. Skola's alternatives for every taste include not only coffee beans but also Turkish coffee varieties in different flavors. By visiting Skola and getting help from our baristas, you can find the coffee bean that best suits your taste among dozens of options.

You can participate in monthly workshops by Skola to find out about coffee and learn the proper ways to brew.

And by joining SCA's barista training programs at different levels, you can take a strong first step into your career in the coffee industry at SKOLA.

Usla Dükkan

USLA Dükkan brings you unique products through hand-picked & first-class content, strong aesthetic, and a desire to grow and support small and honest local producers.

There is now a gastronomy library everyone can utilize for free in Kanyon. USLA (International Service & Taste Academy) shares with its visitors plenty of works about gastronomy and food & beverage from all around the world.
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