Food & Beverage Business Management

Food & Beverage Business Management

USLA "Food & Beverage Business Management" certificate program is aimed at equipping managers or administrators in the food & beverage sector with all required competencies. Featuring significant details about the sector and about business management for entrepreneurs who wish to start their own place, this program gives you practical knowledge so that you can minimize the risk and make the most sensible investment at the lowest possible cost.

Taught by the leading consultants and experts in the sector, this program conveys you theoretical knowledge through applications based on real life.

This 9-week program covers various areas including food & beverage management, business development, service, revenue & menu management, business management, sales & marketing, CRM & social media, human resources management and entrepreneurship, all of which are critical for any business.
Training Program
The entire training program was designed by our instructor chefs who are experts in their respective fields to ensure that you are fully equipped, and ready for your culinary career.
  • Food & Beverage Management
    • Introduction to Gastronomy
    • Food & Beverage Industry Overview
    • Global Food & Beverage Sector
    • Foundational Development of Hospitality & Service Sector
    • Trends in Gastronomy
    • Relationship Between Food & Beverage Culture and Society
    • Sector Tour, Case Studies
  • Business Development
    • Concept Development
    • Menu Development - Menu Engineering
    • Equipment & Kitchen Infrastructure Planning
    • Architecture Processes and Project Design When Starting a Business
    • Choosing a Place & Location
    • Documents & Permits to Obtain While Starting a Business
  • Service
    • Impact of Hospitality Trends on Service Types
    • Service Varieties
    • Service Skills, Various Service Types
    • Service Development, Branding in Service
    • Mystery Shopper
  • Revenue & Menu Management
    • Nutritional Knowledge and Menu Promotion
    • Menu Planning & Design
    • Menu Pricing
    • Creating a Drink Menu
    • Financial Analysis
    • Sales Mix Analysis
    • Sales Performance Analysis
    • Menu Execution
    • Sector Tour
  • Business Management
    • The Notions of Business, Management and Manager
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Types of Business Ownership
    • Business Plan and SWOT Analysis
    • Forecast
    • Sector Tour
  • Sales & Marketing
    • Relationship Between Strategic Planning and Marketing
    • Product Design & Management
    • Product Pricing and Sales Development
    • Professional Sales & Market Research
    • Sector Tour
  • CRM & Social Media
    • What is CRM and How to Manage It
    • Marketing & Branding
    • Social Media
    • Sector Tour
  • Human Resources
    • Human Resources & HR Planning
    • Timeframe to Find and Choose Personnel - Wages
    • Labor Law and Personnel Affairs
    • Training & Performance Management
    • Sector Tour
  • Project
    • General Assessment and Project Presentations

Training Period

Weekends, Saturday - Sunday, 11 March 2023

Training Duration

9 Weeks

Training Hours


Training Cost

24.000 TL

Certificates awarded to USLA graduates

  • Turkish Ministry of National Education "Food & Beverage Services Business Management" Course Completion Certificate
For detailed information about the programs and to register, please contact our sales representatives by phone at 0212 211 87 52 or 0535 022 10 02
between 09:00-18:00 on weekdays.