Professional Bar & Mixology Training Program

Professional Bar & Mixology Training Program

USLA Professional Bar & Mixology Training is aimed for students who wish to learn how to become a bartender in full detail, and become an expert in bar service, as well as for businesses that want to acquire the qualified workforce they need in the field of bar and beverage service. Training program is suitable for students 18 years and above.
Training Program
The entire training program was designed by our instructor chefs who are experts in their respective fields to ensure that you are fully equipped, and ready for your culinary career.
  • Definition of a Bar, History of Bars and Bar Working Culture
  • Working Culture and Ranking of Bar Employees
  • Bar Varieties and the Physical Structure of a Bar
  • Bar Tools, Instruments and Equipment
  • Bar Measurements
  • Daily Cycle of a Bar
  • Hygiene Rules of a Bar and Information on Hygiene Supplies
  • Knowledge and History of Beverages
  • Service Techniques and Applications
  • Table Arrangement and Applications
  • What's a Cocktail?
  • Making and Creating a Cocktail
  • Cocktail Recipes and Preparation
  • Mixology
  • Planning and Application Techniques in Cocktail-making
  • Cocktail and Food Pairings

Training Period

Weekends, Saturday - Sunday, 6 May 2023

Training Duration

6 weeks training

Training Hours

12:00 - 16:00

Training Cost

26.000 TL

Certificates awarded to USLA graduates

  • "Bar & Service Training Course Program" Course Completion Certificate approved by Turkish Ministry of National Education
  • USLA "Bar & Service Training Course Program" certificate

Every USLA student is ready for the kitchen!

Start cooking right away using our well-crafted kitchen set, which is included in the training cost.

  • - USLA Bar Jacket
  • - USLA Apron
  • - USLA Bag
  • - Bar Set
  • - Textbook
For detailed information about the programs and to register, please contact our sales representatives by phone at 0212 211 87 52 or 0535 022 10 02
between 09:00-18:00 on weekdays.