Introduction to Pastries & Baking

Introduction to Pastries & Baking

Developed by professional trainers who are experts in their respective fields, this 8-week program teaches you the very foundation of baking & pastry techniques, and is suitable for all participants regardless of their education or professional background, as long as they wish to improve their technical and practical skills.
Training Program
The entire training program was designed by our instructor chefs who are experts in their respective fields to ensure that you are fully equipped, and ready for your culinary career.
  • Cookies; Nutella-filled cookies, Parmesan & rosemary savory cookies, Shortbread
  • Cakes; Almond & raspberry cupcake, Lemon poppyseed madeleines, Walnut brownies
  • Tarts; Quiche, Frangipane tart, Berry cobbler
  • Custards; Cheesecake, Keşkül with sliced almonds, Milk halwa
  • A La Carte Desserts; Chocolate profiterole, Craquelin coffee éclair, Paris Brest
  • Breads; Dried tomato, Green olive & rosemary Focaccia, Green olive & rosemary flatbread, Sliced olive & walnut bread rolls
  • Cream cakes; Devil's food cake, Naked cake
  • Chocolates; Roche, Bitter mint chocolate truffles, Raspberry white chocolate bark

Training Period

20 March 2023

Training Duration

Every Monday for 8 weeks

Training Hours


Training Cost

8.250 TL

Certificates awarded to USLA graduates

  • All participants will receive an USLA participation certificate at the end of the program.

Every USLA student is ready for the kitchen!

Start cooking right away using our well-crafted kitchen set, which is included in the training cost.

  • USLA Chef Apron
  • "USLA Introduction to Baking & Pastry Training" Textbook
For detailed information about the programs and to register, please contact our sales representatives by phone at 0212 211 87 52 or 0535 022 10 02
between 09:00-18:00 on weekdays.