Business Solutions

For private and business events, meeting organizations and rental services, you may contact USLA’s professional team of subject matter experts.

Business Workshops

USLA Culinary Workshops is a great way to strengthen bonds with your employees and create memorable experiences. Having hosted thousands of people so far at daily, periodic and artisanal workshops organized for business events, we at USLA bring the fun to the kitchen by combining entertainment with training programs that teach many different tastes, all exclusively designed for you.

- Food workshops
- Chocolate workshops
- Dessert & cake workshops
- Cocktail workshops
- Coffee workshops
- Online Workshops

Rent a Kitchen

If you wish, you can rent USLA's cutting edge kitchens, exclusively built for professionals and amateurs. You may use USLA's kitchens to organize food workshops with outside chefs, or hold product launches, photoshoots or similar events. You can either carry out the event with your own chef, or utilize the experience of USLA chefs.

Exclusive Training Programs

Catering Services

A special dinner, a fun happy hour at your office, a private chef for your home or a memorable outdoor breakfast… If you want to throw a business or personal feast or event, USLA is right by your side. Offer your guests a refined gastronomy experience with delicacies by expert USLA chefs.

Rent a Meeting Room

Rent a meeting room (with coffee break menus)

Consultancy Services

- Menu & budget consultancy
- Human resources consultancy
- Business setup consultancy
- Product development, product-specific menu design
- R&D consultancy